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background checks. >>> an emotional day at the state department. this is hillary clinton's last day as secretary of state. she'll say goodbye to state department employees at a public ceremony and john kerry sworn in as her replacement this afternoon. clinton says she knows she's leaving the state department in good hand. >>> prince george's county fire department is launching an internal investigation into the serious beltway crash. a fire engine was rear ended by a tractor-trailer as it made a u-turn on the beltway which is legal for emergency vehicles, but investigators are looking to see if the turn broke the department's guidelines on u-turns. the crash injured seven people, including a firefighter who had to have his arm surgically reattached. >>> 5:07 now. the investigation into the problems with the 787 batteries is heading to the u.s. japan's civil aviation bureau has been investigating the problem since the beginning of the year. they say they're sending investigators to seattle where the aircrafts are assembled. innian, two separate battery fires forced all of the boeing
white zone on storm team 4 radar. that's south of clinton, north of waldorf and that is passing to the east quickly and that's a little narrow band that stretches from eastern, southeastern prince george's county into central calvert county and across the bay. it's zipping off to the east. as we look at temperatures, critical value of course, we want to make sure that the road temperatures don't get too cold. right now, they're a little above freezing. some of the snow reaching the ground south is melting a little bit on some of the roadways. north and west, the road temperatures below freezing. this light snow off and on here, passing snow showers all the way until 10:00 this morning. temperatures right near or below freezing. dusting to an inch around the light blue zone including washington, nearby suburbs. a dusting here and flurries. or a dusting north and west. up to a half inch or so in southern maryland northern neck. farther west, 1 to 2 inches along the blue ridge. part of the shenandoah valley and into the mountains. this cold pattern will continue into the weekend. w
. this is hillary clinton's last day as secretary of state. she will say goodbye to employees at a public ceremony. as for what's next for her, clinton has been rumored to be considering another run for president in 2016. nbc news's andrea mitchell says she's not sure what her future will be. >> i have no position on any of this. i have no opinion about itment i'm still secretary of state. i can't really engage in politic. and for the foreseeable future, i don't think that i will be at all political. >> john kerry will succeed clinton at the state department and he will be sworn in today. >>> melissa mollet at the live desk. >> good morning. we have breaking news into the newsroom. we're just getting in some reports of an explosion outside the u.s. embassy in turkey. it happened a few moments ago. ambulances have now been sent to the area, rescue crews as well. we'll pass along more information as we get it. at the live debts being, melissa mollet, news 4. >>> it will be a kiss that has people talking on monday morning. >> the super bowl commercial that some people are already saying goes a little
sergeant clinton row meesha will also be there tonight. >>> you may want to avoid driving near the capitol tonight because of the state of the union. capitol police are closing several streets including constitution avenue between second street northeast and louisiana avenue northwest. pennsylvania avenue between first and third streets northwest and east capitol street between second and first streets. independence avenue will also be closed between second street southeast and washington avenue southwest. you can watch the president's speech tonight right here on nbc4. our coverage begins at 8:45 and reaction afterward on news 4:00 at 11:00. >>> today a senate judiciary subcommittee will look for ways to reduce gun violence. ha committee will examine the legality and -- two harvard professors from the law school will testify today. the family of hadiya pendleton will also be at that hearing before heading to the state of the union. >>> outgoing defense secretary leon panetta will say his final goodbyes to his colleagues at the pentagon. that happens later this morning. he's served since j
to this story. the drink that could impact a baby's weight at birth. >>> hillary clinton won't be hurting for cash. what she'll be doing post politics. the breaking news at this hour. the breaking news at this hour. a major house fire in ♪ ♪ no two people have the same financial goals. pnc works with you to understand yours and help plan for your retirement. visit a branch or call now for your personal retirement review. >>> more now on the breaking news in bowie. chopper 4 over a house fire there. tony tull just pulled up a few moments ago. what are we learning? >> reporter: the guy that was inside, he got out. take a look at the scene. this house absolutely, completely destroyed. you can see the back half of the house is gone. firefighters still putting a lot of water on the house to make sure the hotspots are out. there are two houses on either side, both of those houses sustained damage. but, again, there was one person inside. a want to bring you chief bay shore. you and i were talking. the gentleman in this house, one of the reasons you check smoke detectors is a reason this guy
, mayor bloomberg and president clinton are scheduled to speak. >>> president obama is urging the boy scouts of america to reverse it ban on homosexual members. during an interview yesterday the president said scouts provide great leadership training and no one should be banned from that. last week they said they were open to overturning that ban with a policy to let local troops sponsors make their own decision o n that issue. >> a prince george's county firefighter is waking up in the hospital after being injured fighting a fire in bowie. it broke out on sunday afternoon. a neighbor called 9-1-1 after someone knocked on his door to warn him about approximate the fire spreading. no one was inside at the time. the firefighter was burned on his back. esshe is expected to be okay. >>> ravens quarterback joe flacco will be celebrating his team's super bowl victory in florida. he'll be part of a parade at disney world kingdom for being named super bowl mvp. >>> it will be a good couple of months for flacco. he's a free agent and likely one of the highest paid quarterbacks. dan hellie was
barber. he replaced her in the house. staff sergeant clinton romesha will be a guest of the president as well. he received the congressional medal of honor yesterday. you can watch the speech tonight on nbc4. our coverage begins at 8:45. we'll have reaction afterwards on news 4 at 11:00. >>> today a senate judiciary subcommittee will hear testimony on gun violence in our country. he'll also look at the effectiveness and constitutionality of current and proposed gun laws. two harvard law school professors will testify at the hearing. the family of hadiya pendleton will also be at the hearing for heading to the state of union. a court hearing that involves two of the victims of the virginia tech shooting. they're arguing that the appeal should be heard. this stems from a lawsuit the victims' families won against the state. they say their daughters could have survived the 2007 shooting spree if virginia tech alerted the campus earlier about the gunman. a judge later upheld the finding but reduced the damages. >>> a united nations agency proposing stricter safety guidelines on the batteri
some people wondering about hillary clinton's political future. >>> also right now, there were a lot of [ female announcer ] pillsbury crescents are awesome. but when i cook up some beef, ketchup, relish and cheese, cover it with crescent dough and pow! cheeseburger crescent casserole. double awesome. pillsbury crescents. let the making begin. here's a better idea. pillsbury grands! flaky layers biscuits in just 15 minutes the light delicate layers add a layer of warmth to your next dinner. pillsbury grands biscuits let the making begin. >>> good morning, i'm at the live desk following breaking news out of australia where firefighters haare dealing with wildfire they expect to get worse. there's video now. you see how devastating the fire is. you see the flames out of control. firefighters have called for reinforcements. they are evacuating community in the fire's path. they're trying to get animals as well as people and other things out of there. again, we are following this breaking news out of australia. specifically, tasmania. they are dealing with a wildfire expected to hit seve
, couple of pockets of moderate showers north of bowie and southeast of clinton. from there to upper marlboro and calvert county and southern anne arundel. it's moving off north and east. have an umbrella handy. we'll get passing showers ond an off. it's in the upper 30s in prince george's county. montgomery county, upper 30s. fairfax as well. all above freezing but a chill in the air. you need your winter coat. reagan national at 38 degrees. through the morning hours, this cold rain off and on through 8:00, 9:00. by then in the mid-40s. by noontime, most of it -- maybe the chance of an isolated shower into the low 50s by noontime. hometown forecast for germantown in montgomery county, might have a little sun breaking out with highs reaching the upper 50s. a look at the entire region and into this evening coming up in ten minutes. now, first 4 traffic and how this rain is affecting your travel this morning. here's danella. >> good morning. as far as traveling along i-270, tom, we're seeing a lot of congestion. normal delays around this time of morning. the good news is no accidents t
a progress-oh! makeover in hollywood. go to facebook.com/progresso to enter. >>> hillary clinton has been off the job for less than 24 hours, and she's already yesterday's news. this is the front page for the state department's website. it features new secretary of state john kerry. kerry was sworn in yesterday by supreme court justice elena kagan. meanwhile, clinton is a private citizen for the first time in more than 30 years. she says she's thankful for everything. >>> maryland's capital will host the president next week. president obama plans to address senate democrats during a two-day retreat in ann nap lis. the white house is not releasing any details on what the president will discuss, but the retreats are often used to craft strategy and messaging for the party for the coming year. governor martin o'malley will also host the senators for dinner at his home. >>> at least one person has taken themselves off the president's short list for the next transportation secretary. the los angeles mayor says he is humbled by speculation he would fill the role, but he says he is firmly committed
. no volume at all that you're worried about. traveling in clinton, brandywine, even making the trip in ft. washington for incidents. nice and clear. 295, bw parkway at 32, making your way north and southbound between 32. traveling to the beltway and even heading to d.c., 295 and anacostia. you're clear in both directions. i'm back in ten minutes. aaron and eun over to you. >> thank you. >>> celebrations kicking off this weekend. >>> plus, the famous face who might inspire a larger crowd at the washington auto show today. >>> a live look at reagan national airport. we'll >>> welcome back. this is a live look in loudoun county where the snow is beginning to fall pretty heavily out there. 38 degrees. just a reminder, loudoun county schools are opening two hours late as a result of this weather. we'll have an update later in the news kags. a 12-year-old boy is facing felony charges for making prank calls. he called 9-1-1 in october and said armed robbers were inside ashton kutcher's home. it's called swatting and it's often directed at the homes of celebrities. the boy reported and emergency
. if you're traveling in the clinton area, brandywine, no reports of accidents. branch avenue connecting to the beltway, a live look in both directions. your travel lanes, they're open. as you continue towards the wilson bridge, no issues to report in both directions. traveling in virginia on the beltway, your commute is coming up in ten minutes. >>> thanks, danella. >>> are you tired of dealing with the pennies in your pocket? they may be history. >> a settlement over >>> just about 15 before the hour. president obama's call for a vote on gun control at his state of the union made for an emotional scene. the nra is calling that a charade. the gun lobby ceo wayne la pierre says the speech was just the president's latest effort to "dismantle gun rights." he specifically pointed out that the word school safety were never mentioned in the address and renewed a call to put armed guards at every school in america. >> they only care about their decades-long, decades-old gun control agenda. ban every gun they can, tax every gun sold and register every american gun owner. >> la pierre said gun o
. members of the israeli consul general, mayor bloomberg and president bill clinton are scheduled to speak. a new york city subway station will also be renamed in his honor. starting today the east 77th street and lexington station will be called mayor ed koch subway station. koch died of congestive heart failure, he was 88. >>> today would have been civil rights activists rosa parks 100th birthday. the postal service will debut a postal stamp in her honor today. koch is cred-- the sample is th second in a series of three civil rights stamps being released this year. the stamps are now on sale nationwide. >>> this morning, president obama is urging the boy scouts of in america to end its controversial ban on homosexual members. in an interview yesterday with cbs, the president said everyone should have a fair shot. >> the scouts are a great institution that are promoting young people and exposing them to opportunities and leadership that it will serve people for the rest of their lives. i think that nobody should be barred pour that. >> the organization is set to vote on wednesday skbliefr
moderate showers, east and east of clinton. moderate showers around a the northern part of the bay. milder air is pushing into west virginia in the 40s there. shenandoah valley in the mid-30s. closer to washington, in the mid and upper 30s in montgomery, arlington, fairfax, prince george's and the district of columbia. the hometown forecast in upper marlboro, may hit the upper 50s by the afternoon. this cold rain through 8:00. then maybe a chance of a scattered shower after that into early to mid-afternoon. after that, we'll begin to dry out. a look at the rest of the day into the evening, that's coming up in ten minutes. first 4 traffic this monday morning with danella. good morning. >> good morning. tom, we'll start with the rails. metro, marc, vre, all on schedule. no delays reported right now. over to the roadways, we check things on the dulles toll road. from the greenway connecting to the told road heading to the beltway, travel lanes are open. it is rainy. here's a look past 28. now, connecting to the beltway from the dulles toll road to the interchange in both directions of the bel
year. tim cook will had also be there tonight, apple's ceo. >>> clinton romesha was presented the medal of honor where his son got a lot of attention. the toddler made himself at home. he explored the presidential podium before he sat in the seat reserved for his father. the president took note of the wrung man saying collin is not as shy as his father clint. the president also said collin raced around the oval office and sampled a number of apples before he found the one that was just right. sometimes it's hard to find that perfect sweet apple. it's got to be crunchy, no bruises. >> excuse me. mr. obama. that's an apple i'm going to have now. step aside, sir. very cute. >> i love the innocence. oblivious to what's going on. >> you know who is in charge when there's a little kid around. 6:46 is our time now. going to be a busy week for the president. he's expected to take action on improving cyber security. jackie deangelis joins us with that and more. >> good morning, aaron. president obama may sign an executive order against an increasing number of cyber attraction. congress pald to p
. but a lot of people are wondering if it's a tip about hillary clinton's future. >>> and right now, a cold morn ♪ [ female announcer ] at yoplait, we want you to feel even better about your favorite flavors. so when you call, tweet, and post, we listen. that's why yoplait light and yoplait original are now made with no high fructose corn syrup. and why we use only natural colors and natural flavors in yoplait original. so, anything else we can do for you, let us know. but you'll keep it to yogurt, right? 'cause we shouldn't really help with your love life. yoplait. it is so good! >>> right now at 5:59, one of the most infamous crimes in d.c. history is back in the headlines. the man convicted of killing
the mayor is getting kudos for this. and it's just like congress, when we had the surplus under bill clinton, republicans couldn't wait to cut the taxes and send the money back home and the democrats said there's lots of unfinished business and we should continue on that, and we know how it went there, and i'm not take sides, but we know how it went there. >> we know how wall street likes sir pluses. >> yeah, and i agree with dave. he is being cool here, because we don't know what the next four years is going to be like in the city. already they tried to hire more police officers. a lot of money going into -- we talked about this last week, when we close the schools you will need extra money for restoration. i think the mayor is doing the right thing. sit on it for a while and see what the future will bring. >> this has to be taken into the context of the wall street journal report, and there was a softening of the economy, and there's a lot of talk about d.c. being recession proof, but in the context of who administered the funds congress has to approve what the district does, and congress
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